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Sacramento County Residents:

Want to complete a FREE developmental screening for your child?

(If you are not a Sacramento County Resident, contact your local county Help Me Grow to get information on Help Me Grow in your county.)

Select one or complete both screenings for a comprehensive snapshot of your child’s development. Completing both screenings provides a picture of your “whole child”.

The first screening- Ages and Stages Questionnaire-3(ASQ-3)-screens your child in the areas of communication, fine motor, gross motor, problem solving and personal social. It is recommended to start with this screener as it provides an overview of several areas of your child’s development.

The second screening-Ages and Stages Questionnaire-2 Social Emotional (ASQ-SE)screens your child in social emotional development, including behavior, relationships and managing emotions. This screening is recommended if you have specific concerns about your child’s behavior or interactions with others. This screening is also an excellent companion to the ASQ-3

Did you know?

90% of your child's brain develops by age 5.

If you have any questions about how your child is:

Growing - Learning - Behaving - Speaking,

Help Me Grow Sacramento County has the answer.

If your child is birth through age 5 and you are a resident of Sacramento County call (916) 822-8744

or visit the Contact Us page to connect with our Help Me Grow Staff.

What is Help Me Grow?

Help Me Grow is a resource that connects families to existing community-based support services, within their county of residence, and information regarding their child's development, behavior and learning.

All screening is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You should receive the results of your screening within 3 business days.

Help Me Grow is Nationwide!

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