About Help Me Grow

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Help Me Grow Sacramento is proud to be part of the Help Me Grow early identification and intervention system that is state and nationwide.

Funded by First 5 Sacramento, Help Me Grow Sacramento funded partners include the Sacramento County Office of Education and WarmLine Family Resource Center.

Help Me Grow supports parents and caregivers better understand and promote their child's developmental milestones, which encourages their readiness to learn and succeed in school.

Help Me Grow advances the use of developmental screenings to detect developmental and behavioral delays in children and successfully link them to appropriate interventions and services within their community.

Help Me Grow is connecting resources and the family to ensure children achieve their optimal, healthy development.

Why Developmental Screening?

We know that fewer than 1 in 3 children in California receive a timely developmental screening.  Help Me Grow California is leading statewide efforts to identify and address barriers to implement screenings and improve the consistent use of validated screening tools by healthcare providers so that all children are afforded the support they need to lead a successful life. Help Me Grow Sacramento is excited to be part of this state and nationwide work!